You and your crew are called to a meeting with a large rebel group called the Embers. When you arrive other crews are in the room. So you and your crew take a seat in the corner and wait. After a while a leader of the rebel group stands and addresses the groups of misfit crews in front of him.

I have called you all together to organize a search for the lost fleet. (many eyes in the room roll ).
The legend of the lost fleet was wide spread across the galaxy. A “fleet” was constructed during the early clone wars that was operated by a A.I. called Angel, which refers to the legendary beings on the moons Iego. It was loaded on to 4 ships. 2 frigates and 2 destroyers. They were also manned by a crew in case the AI had problems. On the day of their launch a saboteur slipped four canisters of Knowt’s Disease. Which was set to open once the fleet reached it destination the outer rim. After the launch the crew was infected and it quickly spread and killed everyone on board. The AI was set to continue its mission unless it was stopped by a republic captain. So its mission, to patrol the outer rim and destroy and all separatist or enemies of the republic went unchecked. The ships slowly lost contact with the republic without human intervention.
After the fall of the republic all records of the fleets whereabouts and information about it was lost. It is now said to have been roaming the outer rim out of ammo, and out of control since its lauch. Some smugglers and other spacefaring persons have said to have seen the fleet.

The rebel group Is now asking your crew and 3 others to search for the fleet, secure its AI and anything on board. If the ships are operational you are to fly them back to the rebel base. They offer your crew a new battle cruiser with the AI loaded on it as a reward for the capturing of the fleet.

The Lost Fleet

Star wars space base by pusiaty d4k3gzr